Shona Kitchen


                       Another Final Frontier 2018-20 Research Project, Environmental Art
                              Other Days, Other Eyes 2019 Gallery Installation
                             Imageobjectlandscapeevent 2016-20 Research Project, Technological Urban Landscapes
                            Setting Out 2016 curated exhibition, apexart-nyc.
                           Magnetic Landscape 1997 + 2016 Gallery Installation
                          Neighborhood Watch Files 2015 Research Project, Autonomous Device Narratives
                         Captured Landscape 2015 Gallery Installation
                        Future Scenarios 2014 Samsung Sponsored Student Research Project
                       Cellular Noisemaker 2013 Product; Electronic Foliage for Edge Town Living
                      High...Low 2012 public art. London.
                     Friends of Friends 2010 Intel funded Research Project, new collective experiences
                    Dreaming F.I.D.S. 2011-15 public art. San José, CA Airport.
                   The Weekend 2010 Product to remind us it's the weekend
                  Hospital Street 2006 public art. Newcastle, UK.
                 Electroplex Heights 2006, ongoing conceptual housing for Vitra.
                Domestic Wilderness Channel 2006 site specific installation. Saratoga, CA
               Datanature 2006 public art. San José, CA Airport.
              PSP Site Specific System 2005 commissioned by Sony.
             Buried Alive 2005 an engineered experience.
            Energy Shutdown 2004 permanent exhibit for the Science Museum. London.
           Kielder Maze 2003 public art, Northumberland, UK.
          Michel Guillon 2003 retail architecture. London.
         Al Ostoura 2003 retail architecture. Kuwait City.
        Joseph 2002 retail architecture. London and New York.
       Edge Town 2002 IBM sponsored research project, urban living
      Taurus to Taurus 100% 2001 kinetic installation. Cologne.
     Rogue Ambience Table (RAT) 2001 furniture prototype.
    Comme des Garçons 2001 retail architecture. Paris.
   Flirt 1998-2000 research project, Royal College of Art, Philips Research Laboratories, UK
  Responsive Space 1999 Gallery Installation, Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow.
 Presence 1997-1999 EU funded research project
Bisley Filing Cabinets 1998 Corporate event kinetic display.