Photo of Shona Kitchen
Shona Kitchen is an internationally-renowned multidisciplinary artist/designer with a passion for technological advancement. Kitchen focuses her attention across several fields which allows for a breadth of exploration on current and future technologies through architecture/interaction design, art and conceptual narrative architectural proposals.

Current Projects

Selected Artist team for Bridge Improvement Program, Public Art Division, City of Los Angeles
Friends of Friends - A research project exploring alternative experiences within our electronically-mediated lives. Phase 1 funded by Intel's "People and Practices" research group.

Selected Works

(2011)  High...Low A solar-powered public art work for Deptford Creekside Art in Regeneration, London.
(2010)  Dreaming FIDS A public art piece for the San Jose International Airport, California.
(2008)  ZERO 1 Festival Core promotional graphic, San Jose 2008. Global Festival of art on the edge.
(2007)  Domestic Wilderness Channel Site-specific installation for Montalvo Arts Center, California.
(2006)  Electroplex Heights Conceptual housing project for Vitra Design Foundation.
(2006)  Datanature Multi-site electronic installation for Mineta San José International Airport.
(2006)  Hospital Street Kinetic artwork for Neurological Rehabilitation Centre, Newcastle, UK.
(2005)  Cellular Noisemaker Prototype product for PopNoir exhibition, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
(2005)  PSP Site Specific System Artwork commissioned by Sony for their PSP 'Design Club'.
(2005)  Buried Alive An engineered experience.
(2004)  Energy Shutdown Permanent interactive exhibit for the Science Museum, London.
(2003)  Michel Guillon Interior architecture for optician's flagship store in London.
(2003)  Al Ostoura Interior architecture and furniture design for store in Kuwait City, Kuwait.
(2003)  Minotaur Contemporary maze in the grounds of Kielder Castle, Northumberland, UK.
(2002)  Edge Town Architectural story and design proposals as critique of city-limit living.
(2002)  Joseph Furniture designed for Joseph Fashion stores, London and New York.
(2001)  RAT Rogue Ambience Table Prototype furniture containing secret alibi-generating circuitry.
(2001)  Comme des Garçons Interior architecture and kinetic furniture for fashion store in Paris.
(2001)  Taurus to Taurus 100% Kinetic installation built inside a 'crashing' BMW 3 series.
(2000)  FLIRT European Commission funded research project about mobile phone services in Helsinki.
(1999)  Responsive Space Reactive installation for Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow.
(1999)  Naked Full-scale installation of about sensorial experience of the living room.
(1999)  Presence EC funded project about increasing older people's presence in their communities.
(1998)  FSB Door Handles Interactive display for Spectrum Furniture Fair
(1998)  Bisley Filing Cabinets Animated display for Spectrum Furniture Fair
(1997)  Magnetic Landscape Mapping electromagnetic energy within London