Landscape is an interactive artwork which allows the user to physically experience an invisible data landscape. Landscape imagines a physical terrain of major systems and infrastructures vital in any ultrawired city of today. Cities held together by connectivity, extreme speed and hyper functionality, catering for anything from business deals across the globe to the dense online hypersocial culture.

Exhibited 2016 at JIKJI, THE GOLDEN SEED. An immersive exhibition of architecture, art, design, fashion, media and VR, Cheongju Art Centre, South Korea

JIKJI, THE GOLDEN SEED is an exhibition celebrating the world’s first book printed with metal moveable type – or Jikji – and the impact that the printed word has had on the world ever since. It was created in the Korean city of Cheongju in 1377, 77 years before Gutenberg’s famous bible was printed in Germany. With exhibits ranging from 600-year old cultural artefacts to a 360 degree virtual reality film, a controversial “portrait” created on glass from human cells and a ceramic work comprised of thousands of pieces of the word Jikji written in the Hangul (Korean) alphabet, Jikji is interpreted not just as type, but as innovation, and the show demonstrates how important such technological shifts are to human development.