Film duration is 20 seconds

A solar powered landmark synchronized with the tide, High...Low serves as a tribute to the historical importance of Deptford’s all-but-forgotten tidal Creek.

An indicator that resurrects the area’s unique qualities and illuminates the ever-changing mood of the Creek, highlighting an urban-natural environment striving to retain its strong sense of individuality.

Sitting on the creekside wall, in front of an Industrial building, the sign spans 21m/69 ft by 1.5m/6.5 ft. It is made up of 165 LED spotlights, each serving as a pixel. As the tide moves in and out twice daily, the letters gradually illuminate to reflect the current level of the tide.

The location is a point of convergence, where its audience is a mixture of pedestrian, boat and rail. It is designed for repeat viewers and encourages the viewer to ponder the changing nature of the sign and, with it, the tide which drives Deptford Creek.

The commission grew out of a Deptford Creekside Charrette in which I was invited to participate as lead artist. The Charrette was an ambitious, participatory urban design exercise run by Creative Process and supported by the London Development Agency. Guided low tide walks along the creek were made available by the Creekside Education Trust, committed to the longterm management of the creek for people and wildlife.