Energy Shutdown, a four player interactive game which takes each player through several typical scenarios which occur in the event of an energy shutdown in the city.

The player approaches a flat landscape, the city blocks are down and flush with the surface.. the screen prompts the player to begin play…a button is pressed and their section of blocks rise out of the landscape, the lights turn on in the blocks and the chaotic sounds of the city can be heard. Several seconds later a news flash appears on screen informing of a energy shutdown. All the lights then go off and the city dies, there is no sound and no light.

The player then has to go through three different typical games scenario which occur in the event of a power cut. Within each of the scenarios the player has to help out and free an engineer and gradually bring the city back to life. Each game they are successful with brings lights back to several of their blocks.

Examples of some of the scenarios are an Engineer stuck in a ferris wheel, helping the fireman put out fires, cycling through the city in the dark to transport batteries, helping keep patients alive manually in a hospital.

Once the player has successfully gone through each scenario, their section of the city lights up and comes to life, game play ends and the city blocks return flush into the surface.