Interior architecture and kinetic installation for Comme des Garçons store in Paris.

"Location: In the 1950's the courtyard, just off the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Hidden behind red painted aluminium doors that slide crisply and silently open for visitors crossing an electronic threshold in the outside courtyard, the sleek, slightly reflective walls are Ferrari red fibreglass... You can't see the shop behind the sliding doors until they open. There, behind an adjacent second set of doors, is a pavilion. Also fitted out in red, and entirely empty except for low red fibreglass cubes that magically move back and forth apparently entirely of their own volition. it's uncompromising design, neither out-and-out architecture, nor quite an installation, but one that leaves its options open." -- Extract from Domus magazine (June 2001) by Lucy Bullivant.